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You need to be a registered member and may have some credit in your account (Wallet) to use this service. You may initially deposit any amount or even o for membership.

You can mail your prescription to, in a format on our website, if you want medicines prescribed by other doctors. You need to send us a scanned copy of the prescription . If you want medicines suggested by, you need to forward your request to For you to get the medicines you at least need to have credit equaling the cost of these medicines. Those wanting Jan Aushadhi get their OTC medicines but for Prescription medicines there needs to be a prescrition.

Once we get the list of medicines wanted by you, they would be forwarded to a pharmacist associated with us, nearer your home to get the costs and to get them delivered to you.

As quality and fair pricing is our touch stone, you may give your bank details and send us a request, at any point of time, to get your remaining money back if you do not want to continue with us. Money or charges for Medicines already delivered from a pharmacist cannot be refunded.

What & Why of Call Medicines :

Generally when someone is not well, they expect medicines to reach them. So as a part of basket of our services, we extend this facility at fair prices.

For those, who want medicines prescribed by any other doctor than, we may not always be able to deliver all the medicines prescribed by such other doctors.

Initial offer: Free membership for, if you register, for by 31.03.2015.

"We wish you healthy and productive times with us"

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